Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I was pretty sure I'd end up working in fashion or at least doing something I could be creative and express my ideas with excitement and ease. Even though I had to work full-time as a self-taught developer in my teenage years to afford college, my creative dream led me to begin a career as a designer and art director around 2008.
Since then, I've worked for many advertising agencies and shops - from small studios and local companies to network agencies like NBS-Dentsu and W McCann, working with clients and brands of all kinds of segments, from fast food chains to consumer health companies like Johnson&Johnson, banks like Santander and Inter and mobile companies like Oi and TIM. 
Throughout almost 15 years, I had the pleasure to work with so many amazing people on so many projects - both leading and being part of the team - and I'm safe to say that what drives me the most is the chance to connect with different talents and learn new skills through the experience of working within multi-disciplinary teams. To connect and make a difference, that's my biggest why
So, shall we? ✨

I'm an ENFP / Cancer sun, Aries rising & VIRGO MOON 
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