When COTY, one of the largest global groups in the beauty segment, decided to expand its field in Brazil by bringing the YOUNIQUE brand to its portfolio, the challenge went beyond presenting and consolidating an American brand in the Brazilian beauty market.

So the goal was to spread the news with a punch because while other beauty brands are still struggling to adapt to the digital environment, YOUNIQUE was born digital. The YOUNIQUE consultant – a.k.a Presenters – has their website with e-commerce, and all sales and advertising is made through their socials – a simple financial revolution tool for real women since the brand does not use photos of models in its campaigns, only their presenters.
In Brazil, the brand arrives with a decisive action where the first 27 Brazilian presenters – nominated by presenters from all around the world – would be invited to Casa YOUNIQUE for a weekend to really deep dive into the brand with workshops, lectures, and an exclusive kit with all the necessary tools to start their own business, boost their online sales and be the first faces to represent the brand in the country. 💋

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