A few mistakes were always part of the innovation process at J&J. To instigate and bring up a mindset change within the employees, the Intern Communications team of Johnsons&Jhonson's Brazil collaborated with TEDx to openly talk about Agile & Error culture and how taking risks is essential to be innovative. The Talk - held entirely remotely during the pandemic - brought up success cases of employees that dared to be creative and stories of how a few mistakes helped the team to find a whole new solution for the challenges they had to overcome. 
To announce the event, we had a creative and upbeat omnichannel campaign with teasers in the weekly newsletter, video posts, and a few digital assets to help engage the employees, like zoom backgrounds, gifs, meme posts, and stickers with the biggest symbol of the best tool to carry when you're open to errors and not afraid of trying again: an eraser - and the digital variation of it, the backspace key. The event was a success, with over 95% participation rate, and at the end of it, the employees got a little something to remind them never to be afraid of trying ever again. :)

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